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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mary See

Mary See
was on a coffee mug,
my sister sent me,
full of candies,
and this mysterious woman's face:
Mary See,
on the mug facing me
every time
I took a sip
of my favorite beverage,

Mary See
I felt the message there
as I pondered stressful
why do humans do that?

Mary See
She was a kind old woman,
as she appeared on my favorite coffee mug
I used every morning for years.

I forgot all about her until my 4 am wake up
the kind that nag my rem sleep
and kick start my day a little too early.

Mary See,
I used that mug for so many years,
Finding it a useful meditation device,
self reflection,
Mary See.

As the internet began, our info searches
became easier,
I looked up
Mary See
and found her to be a candy store icon,
to me a hero,
a grandmother I never had,
a chance to rethink the nighttime dreams
with a cup of hot coffee,
that I loved more after reading
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Mary See
The mug long gone,
How do I remember it today,
as I am hunting for a topic to post,
on a Friday when I am running out of

Mary See,
When I lost the vision in my right eye temporarily
4 years ago,
those words went through my mind,
Mary See,
a good exercise for anyone,
Do not just look,
You must


  1. Since I could only mark one so I'll say Cool! Great post and true as well. Have a great weekend. mkm

  2. Thanks Mary!! Have a great weekend back! mary

  3. That was well written and fun to read! =)

    Have a nice weekend Mary.

  4. One more correction/note: My episode of Optic Neuritis (ON) was 6 years ago. I forgot they treated me w/high dise IV steroids, but would not diagnose me then. I was in the dreaded undiagnosed group. 2 years later I developed hemi-body numbness and was diagnosed in 2007. mary


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