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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Have you got enough faith?
It is a question we ask ourselves.
It is the name of a song on Guy Forsyth's unreal and awesome 2 CD live New Year's eve show at Antone's.

It is a question dying people ask as I know from tending people in the ICU and other scary hospital places.
Some people never get the chance to question faith.
Is that enough?

Mom said she felt like her Mom was looking for faith too late, while anticipating dying from a heart attack, while on the way to the ER. That is why Mom went to the church she said.
I thought it was to pay back the milk and utility bills the church paid after I was born.
I believe I told her that as well. I felt a give and take expectation with some church concepts.
My faith evolved from looking at all religions as freedom of self exploration, tradition,
cohesiveness, bonds.

Sunday mornings still I remember a glimpse of getting up and getting dressed to go the the church on the block. The singing, prayer, sermons and food and social opportunities made it a pleasant experience.
My faith now rests in myself and my hope the people in the world can just start letting each other live without expectation we should change.
My faith still is that many are capable of extraordinary kindness.
My faith has always been, that Mom had so much faith more than I did. Her ability to navigate her tough life raising 7 kids and then health issues and now gives me faith we can gain strength in adversity.
Have you got enough faith?

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  1. A hard question and one I wrestle with a lot. I want to KNOW (not have faith) that I will see her in some form again.

    I also want to know when I DO see her again, I will not be distressed about leaving my son behind. I am assuming I go first.

    And I also want to know I'll see my son when he arrives.

    Do I have faith? My mind wants solid answers. I guess I do have faith because the alternative is unthinkable.

  2. Nice and true comments. I think our material lives are brief in the big picture. I hope...And you hit the nail on the head with the unthinkable. I tended a dying woman stressed about her atheistic adult child. She worried he would die without faith. From experience, I said confidently, Don't worry, they all come over in the end. Mary


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