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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Potatoes really are different

Potatoes really are different.
Even among potatoes, there are many varieties.
We buy our seed stock from Fedco in Maine, US. They have the best descriptors of
the finer points to really choose that potato experience.  (look for moose tubers)
Dad wondered why not just plant the one we like the best.
That is a problem.
Because we like so many of them, differently.
This year we got some rust but it was not under the skin. Otherwise pretty good yields.
Our shopping list for seed potatoes:
All time favorite white keeper: Kennebec.
All around red keeper: Red Pontiac (don't keep as long as Kennebec)
Nice red skinned potato: Romanze-yellow flesh
Most unbelievable red flesh and taste: Adirondack Red.
Must cook a deceptively long time: All Blue-very good taste, pretty blue color.

We found an Internet recipe for crock pot potatoes. Mostly cube them, put butter in the pan,
some whole garlic cloves, some chopped onions, some water. Cook all day and then add some milk and mash at the end. We had an assortment of potatoes and the flavors blended nicely.

And like most produce, the potatoes you grow, truly are different as well.
Well worth the effort and research to find the right varieties for you.

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