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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chapter One

“The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly”

Abraham Lincoln

This is the beginning. After I run through posting my one solar year of correspondence, I will let you know how the town ruled.

Apparently my first letter was an email to the local paper.
Here it is, Chapter One.


My name is Mary Gerdt. I read your paper regularly online.

I did however hear a rumor your newspaper printed one or several legal notices in the Pay newspaper to sell some or all of my Monkton property at a tax sale. I am eager to see what this looked like and what they were selling. Also how many times and dates of publication.

I was never noticed about this in any way. My husband, wishing to protect me, paid the bill but the damage to my reputation remains, without my knowing.

I wonder how any of you would feel if this happened. I do not want this in the newspaper until I better understand what happened. Could you send me an image of the legal notice you posted? Are you aware that a town may sell your property without so much as a courtesy call?

And publicly humiliate you by publishing "tax sale" after being 9 months arrears when others seem to have 5 years of back bills.

I am searching for truth and wish no more public posting of my name without my knowledge.


Mary Gerdt

[note added today, 11/20/2010: We have never seen the ad and the paper never sent us the]

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