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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

Ten Ten Ten

today could be abbreviated as


or 10.10.2010

numerologically a full house of low numbers,
a new beginning.
Today, the weather was as fine as peak foliage
season could be.
We attended a fine wedding
watching a beginning for them
and for me
the ending of the quilt I can call my
most challenging and rewarding:
Trip around the world,
Congrats to Tod and Janet.

Today as well was
the 10th annual East Charlotte tractor parade
coordinated by Carrie Spear
and a cast of thousands.
Fred and I both longed for a picture
of the old Titan, the first tractor on the farm
that was acquired and loving restored
by local guru Harv Sharrow.

I was honored to touch this
tractor that was the first improvement on horse power.
Overall it was a special day in the delightfully chilly Vermont air.

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