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Friday, October 1, 2010

Lanap: epilogue

Lanap follow up 8 days later.
Have had One week of mushy food ranged from pasta and cheese to ice cream shakes, yogurt,
eggs, to Fred's white wine poached sea scallops yum.
Twinge of mild discomfort time to time, tissues normalizing.
The hygienist cleaned off my teeth and doctor checked. He did not have to grind to adjust my bite but did last time. It all looked OK.
Now cleaning every 3 months, several not covered by insurance (that not everybody has).Reminder to self :sign up for healthcare reimbursement account-pretax....
Off antibiotics now, back on real food and they will check the results
with a probe in one year.
I would recommend you consider Lanap. The laser causes healing changes without the destruction of scalpel or the destructive bacteria themselves.
My feeling is this really should be considered a medically necessary procedure since it is below the gum line...

Meanwhile, don't floss your gums, floss your teeth. Not enough good instruction on this subject.
On to Friday night.....
October Project is playing. name is aryanna...


  1. These lasers were created by dentists, receiving extensive clinical trials before receiving Federal Drug Administration approval. This technology is set to reinvent periodontal surgery as we know it.
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  2. Thanks for these comments. Lanap is part of the essential treatment plan, part of the future of health care...


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