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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tea, anyone?

It just wasn't fair.
The minute I found teapots in,
Others want them out.
The minute I decided to,
"Don't you!", They would shout.
I got a house to love and live in,
"Hand it over", they did say.
What they said, they have their rights,
Like other working people.
But, get this clear, The end is near
Shout it from a steeple.
Tea for me and tea for you and coffee, milk and honey.

lustre ware courtesy Ollie, wherever you may be.

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  1. Author's Notes on Tea Party.
    I started with the photo of Ollie's tea set. I love this teapot and little cups and they shine with a dreamy metallic luster, hence lustreware. An Asian influence giving a deep cultural feeling and reflecting a love for tea. Early Americans too, when they were still colonists had their feelings about tea, then a symbol of unrestricted redistribution of wealth, coercive taxes, legal snafus that robbed citizens of land and property. Sound familiar? No? Then you are not listening. Re-evaluate reality relating to taxation and skimming of money, eroding our futures.
    Still, 2 parties are needed to represent all beliefs. Just no domination of one should occur. If I listen and agree with a lot of what the T.P. says, Even if I have to lose respect of people I love, I will be forced to choose the side of my strong feelings. That redistribution of wealth is inappropriate and makes us all weaker and unmotivated. Remember where your ancestors came from and why they left oppression and corrupt governments. Tea is about all people, cleaning up all parties. Let no stone go unturned.Mary Gerdt, Monkton Vermont


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