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Monday, October 11, 2010

First hard Frost

We have found out, through trial and error,
that right before that first bad frost,
(meaning low 20's instead of low 30's)
we just decide quite cold heartedly what to keep and what to sacrifice.
No emotions about it. It is a fact of life.
Fred picked the pears,
I picked the peppers and fished out the acorn squash.
We got about a bushel of mixed jalapeno and chile peppers,
then some watermelons and cauliflower.
We loaded the trailer and put it all in the garage, kind
of like a cool room/refrigerator.

Sure enough, we got a pretty deadly frost that night.
Today I put up 14 pints of spicy pickled beets plus 1 quart
for the table. The recipe is in the Ball book.
I soaked the cauliflower in salt water and it was too wormy for our tolerance.
Still we have brussel sprouts, chard, more beets and carrots.
Grateful for this colorful feast.

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