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Sunday, March 19, 2017

There's still a little time left....

From the #Fracking Fighting Front

There's still a little time left to voice your opposition to the Trans Addison County Pipeline 

Thanks to Neighbor Jane for sharing this...

Hi Folks, 
You may think its too late...but its not. The fracked gas pipeline has been a financial, environmental and moral fiasco. VGS is struggling to sign on new customers to buy gas that isn't needed and won't save anyone any money (except a few corporate customers and Middlebury College) The following petition is being circulated to show there is still a lot of resistance to the build out of new fossil fuel infrastructure at this time when we need to get off of burning fossil fuel. Regardless of whether or not you think burning methane is better than burning oil, the fact remains that this project is WAY out of whack financially and it has wreaked havoc on our local environment. Just recently a "frack out" or "inadvertent return" occurred in Geprag's Park spilling drilling fluid (mostly clay and water but also antifreeze) into the sensitive wetlands. This is NOT necessary. Please sign on to the petition. Thanks.
Me:Now for a photo of why we don't want a pipeline running through our town, just to supply points south with Canadian fracked gas ⛽️ 

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