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Saturday, March 4, 2017

#fracking Gas ⛽️ Update

Gaz Gas ⛽️ Update...
Vermont's anti fracked gas group shares information
Making keeping up easier than it might be.
I felt bad about deleting a bunch of emails that were
Burdening my brain.
Here's a
Tidbit on keeping up with the
Vermont Public Service Board

Subject: VT Public Service Board Dkt. 8791 - Investigation re: alleged taking of harsh sunflower plants by Vermont Gas Systems in Monkton, VT

Please find an Amended Public Hearing Notice to replace the one you received previously.  The date, time and location have remained the same.

I also wanted to make sure you were all aware of the Vermont Public Service Board’s (“Board”) new online filing and document management system, known as ePSB.  You are able to take advantage of ePSB’s new “subscription” feature.  When you “subscribe” to the case within ePSB, you will receive email messages notifying you when the Board issues documents or parties make filings in the case.  Email notifications from ePSB will include a link to ePSB’s document folder for the case, which is where the recipient can access and download the documents.  

As a result, as of February 10, 2017, the Board no longer maintains a list of “interested persons” for this case or sends paper copies of orders issued in the case to such a list.  If you wish to be notified when the Board issues documents or parties make filings in the above-referenced case, please subscribe to the case in ePSB by:

  • Logging into ePSB at (creating an account if you have not already done so);
    Welcome to ePSB ePSB is the Vermont Public Service Board's ("Board") electronic case and document management system. ePSB includes public documents and other ...
  • Searching for the case to which you would like to subscribe;
  • Selecting “Subscribe to a Case” from the “Select Action” drop-down menu; and
  • Filling in the fields on that screen.

More information about ePSB, including a short instructional video showing you how to create an ePSB account, is available on the Board’s website at  You may subscribe to a case at any time during the case’s life.  To stop subscribing to a case, or to update the email address you used to subscribe, contact the Clerk of the Board at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our offices.

Thank you,

Holly R. Anderson
Deputy Clerk/System Administrator
Vermont Public Service Board


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