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Friday, March 10, 2017

Breaking #fracking Chapter 5 The Earth weighs in.... action requested Please sign this one!f

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Please participate in a groundswell moment against the VT Fracked Gas Pipeline. 60+ Vermont lawmakers have joined us from the climate caucus, and we're asking for your help in making this a poignant and pointed request from the VT public, too.
Please sign this, post to facebook, and forward along. Thank you.

Sign This Petition to Stop the Vermont Gas Stystems Fracked Gas Pipeline
On February 22nd close to 200 Vermont citizens attended a public forum with the new Commissioner of the Department of Public Service, June Tierney, and spoke out powerfully against the disaster that is the Vermont Gas Systems fracked gas pipeline in Addison County.

A little more than a week later, the Vermont legislature's Climate Solutions Caucus sent a letter to Commissioner Tierney, calling on her to ask that the Public Service Board reopen and reassess the permit for this ill-conceived and mis-guided, climate-changing project. You can read the caucus's letter here . And you can find the VTDigger article about it here.

We all know this pipeline is bad for us, bad for Vermont and bad for the world, and now there's a petition you can sign to let Vermont state government know you stand against it.

Your signature will show June Tierney and the Department of Public Service that Vermonters oppose this pipeline. It will also show our support for the Climate Caucus Legislatiors' request to reopen and review the Certificate of Public Good that continues for this pipeline in spite of huge cost overruns, multiple health and safety violations, its disastrous contribution to climate change and the fact that the need for more fracked gas in Vermont has never been demonstrated.

And ask your friends and neighbors to sign the petition, too, by going to:

Stop Construction and Keep it in the Ground!  


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