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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Chapter 3 Breaking #fracking

Breaking Fracking 

Passing along some important information 
On how to prioritize your energies 
As a Vermont voter during Town Meeting 
Or as a template for non Vermont 
Fracking Fighters 

Hi all - as some of you know, on February 22, at the Department of Public Service public forum we were told repeatedly that DPS was powerless to take action on the pipeline without the direction of the legislature. 

Towards the end of the forum we directly requested that the DPS ask the Public Service Board to reopen the certificate of public good. Again, they said they cannot do so without direction from legislature.

So…. some folks have been working to encourage legislators to provide that direction.  A few of us were at the statehouse this past week, and right off the bat the climate solutions caucus members agreed to sign onto and then delivered the letter which is here attached FYI. 

We are working on a press release to get the word out Monday morning

But we need to keep going.  

During town meeting:  PLEASE bring copies of the letter which you can find here:
and request that your representatives sign onto the letter!  Let’s get LOTS of legislator support for this - even outside the climate caucus.

Let us know what signatures you get (and we will need the signed copies ultimately to compile)! 

If you have any questions - contact me or Brian Tokar

PS: We could also quickly draft a letter of citizen support for the legislators - and collect about a million signatures.  This would help to bolster the legislators.  Secondary to the above though.


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