Thursday, November 24, 2016

Spread the thanks to #Fracking Fighters

For Thanksgiving,
A story of sadness,
A young woman,
Now fighting for her life...
Thanks to Jason, for sharing...

On 11/23/2016 12:19 PM, Jason Kaye wrote:

As we head into the end of this week - a holiday for some, a time of reflection for many - let us remember the present moment.

"In Minneapolis, 21-year-old activist Sophia Wilansky is in critical condition and has been undergoing a series of surgeries, after reportedly being hit by a concussion grenade during the police attack against water protectors fighting the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota Sunday night. Sunday’s attack at Standing Rock included police firing rubber bullets, mace canisters and water cannons in subfreezing temperatures. The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council reports as many as 300 people were injured in the attack, with the injuries ranging from hypothermia to seizures, to loss of consciousness, to impaired vision as a result of being shot by a rubber bullet in the face. Water protectors say at least 26 people were evacuated from the area by ambulances and hospitalized. Sophia Wilansky was evacuated and airlifted to a Minneapolis hospital. After hours of surgery, she posted on Facebook early this morning that her arm has not been amputated, but she will not know for another week whether amputation might be required." - Democracy Now news coverage
Last June, Sophia was arrested in Williston for locking down to a Vermont Gas excavator. She took action alongside many of us that day, collectively disrupting construction at three sites along the route of the Vermont Gas pipeline.

As some of us head into this week reflecting on past violence and past struggles, remember that we have not moved "past" these struggles for justice. They are as real, as visceral, and as present as the air in your current breath.

As posted on Rising Tide's Facebook page, "Take these lessons to heart: Understand that ongoing colonization on this continent is inextricably connected to endless war, mass incarceration, and global poverty. Commit to staying in movement to dismantle these systems for the long haul, and keep fighting together."

Donate to the Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota:
Mail supplies to medics on the ground in North Dakota:
Donate to Sophia's medical fund:

Remember that the Vermont Gas pipeline is not yet built through Geprags Park in Hinesburg.

Most of all, hold all of this in your bodies - and take action.

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