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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gaz #Fracking update

The pipeline fight update
This fight is Local...
Addison County Vermont

Vermont Digger put this article out...

My comments:
Voters of Monkton,Vermont said No to Fracking. To me it meant Globally! Selectboard, Governor Shumlin, Public Service Board let Canadian owned Vermont Gas start building BEFORE all the easements and right of way was fully established. Incremental, fragmented, poorly planned. Joke at State Government: easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. The pipeline is running perilously close to High Voltage power lines. Each pole/ power tower is Grounded. Nice work allowing Canadians monopolies-green mountain power+Vermont gas.

What a predicament! (Canadian owned) Vermont Gas has put All Current Vermont Gas customers on the hook for Millions. Overrun, poor planning, safety Carelessness, destruction of rare plants, disregard from swamp neighbors. These are just a few of the problems.

See article for rest of comments..

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