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Monday, November 28, 2016

A Bitter Taste #Fracking updates from Vermont

It was a Trail of Bread crumbs,

The path from the
Steady, Stubborn, Staunch Supporter
of the
Gas Pipeline, originating in
Courtesy of Gaz Metro dba
Vermont Gas (Gaz?)
Trans-Addison County, Vermont
Of course, I mean
Governor Peter Shumlin.
Has he gone too far?
Promising our property rights away,
Without due process.
Obstruction in the first degree,
Refusing to accept anything but
Fracked gas from Canada,
That Monkton,Vermont voted to outlaw,
Before our Selectboard signed an mou with Gaz.
Shumlin regulated Vermont Yankee Nuclear plant
Out of existence,
His neighbors rejoice.
The pipeline through Addison County
And extension cord down Lake Champlain,
 his fix for power,
Ugly big noisy windmills,
Ugly huge solar panels robbing views,
Monopoly ownership of power+gas.
All powerful public service board.
Not apparent to ratepayers:
Vermont Gas and Green Mountain Power are owned
By Gaz Metro.
So they gave him an award,
The Canadians.
Our group let me know,
Their support of each other is priceless.
As follows:

Ah yes, by giving away Addison County for Gaz Metro's profits, and giving the company control of 80% of energy generation, transmission, and distribution in the state, Shumlin has clearly served Quebec well. I just wish he had served Vermont as well.

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 11:59 AM, MM
I wish I could be there to boo him off the podium.

Wednesday, November 30
Governor Shumlin will travel to Quebec City to receive the Ordre national du Québec Award, which is given to “exceptional individuals who, through their achievements, values and ideals, have influenced Québec’s growth and contributed to its renown.”

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