Monday, November 21, 2016

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ℳϒ Blog

Or what I did 
After I couldn't work.

Well, actually I started blogging  before I stopped working.
There is a definite benefit to keeping a log, or blog or diary,
Whatever you call it,
However you express yourself,
It can reside there, at your IP address,
It can travel around the world, like a reverse National Geographic
It can diffuse anger, hatred, loathing,
Likewise it can look at the lighter side,
Record photos, in chronological order
Post favorite videos, some mine,
Experiments in social media.
Emphasis on Social.
Media- the medium between this world,
And other worlds,
You and me.

Artwork flowed out once my therapist said,
Get some paper-Bigger the better
and start drawing.
Mom said,
I hope you're taking notes.
I did.
Now Mom has moved on,
To her next adventure, no doubt.

I am here,
The daylight waning,
We got a new pellet stove.
The first one bought in 2005.
Oil, wood very expensive.
Corn didn't work well-long story.
Our new stove installed by Fred and Son.
In 11 years,
pellet stoves have come a long way.

This is a random sampling of old photos.
To go with this ambling blog post.
in the future,
like other posts I have done,
It may finally make sense.
Keep warm.
 healing art 1
Healing Art 2

 cars on route 66

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