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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day (USA)

Veteran's Day

In the USA

Thinking about Dad today,
My brothers,
In laws,
my forefathers, foremothers,
all victims of war.

They tried to run, tried to hide, tried to make nice.
Humans go to War.
Can we evolve beyond that?

When you hear of war for good
or betterment of people,
be suspicious.
Someone is being bettered,
monetarily, or power wise.
If another is bettered, say freed,
Is it sometimes an unintended positive outcome?

When War is over,
Do the victim survivors still hear the bombs?
Smell the Fire?
Feel the Mind Numbing pain
of seeing your best friend
beside you?
Yet another Whole in body,
returning with a fractured mind.

I am Thanking the Veteran's, Men and Women alike,
and those who kept the home fires burning.

3 links from yt...

First a video I found searching for the next 2...

Next a very special version
by Mr. Levon Helm
The Midnight Ramble Band...
"if you laugh in the rain,
you cry in the sun..."

a Very special version by Mr. Sean Costello & others

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