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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving USA

Thanksgiving USA

We give Thanks for our Food, Water, Shelter,
Our place on this Earth,
A Strange Day to Celebrate.
Pilgrims, Turkeys, and Gourds.

Early on I never questioned
The Holiday of Westward Expansion.
My family immigrating late 1800's,
The Pilgrims well established,
Their diseases had been dispersed.

The True Native Americans,
had separated into tribes.
Divided, and half conquered,
Then diseased, hungry, crowded.

We will enjoy turkey, stuffing, squash
Pumpking pie and mincemeat.
Potatoes and gravy,
Then repeat.

Reminding us of a year that had up's and downs,
Like all other years,
Some smiles, some frowns,
Some aches, pains and joys,

Give Thanks,
We have food, shelter, water

Give Thanks
Someone in need,
Someone who hurts.

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