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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gaz Recap...What I can stand of it...#fracking

Been Awhile since I could even open another #fracking email...

Oh yes, that is how a war is. 
Canadian power Giant using local moniker VT Gas,
threatening to "Condemn" property for their stupid pipeline plan
(I know using stupid has no scientific or proper use, but it's how I feel, Thanksgiving week,
>$6k lighter thanks to higher than should be vt property taxes
yeah, thanks.
Oh, I will get out some sort of point here,
I am putting up links my comrades post or I find.

Start with links to the digger:
Sandra Levine is with the Conservation Law Foundation

Maeve McBride:

Assorted links regarding acquittal of the naughty boys:

Hoping for Eminent domain reform:

that's all I can handle today...

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