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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Gaz Info Round up

Here it is,
Another week of fighting the big gaz corp
one word at a time.

Lately pipeline fatigue can be overwhelming,
by design,
I am Weary of the updates,
Hoping our merry band of fighters
can stop the pipeline.

Most of the articles I tweet and delete.
Here are a few gems for this week:

From the Digger
an ouch for incumbent governor:
(election results still pending)

From Virginia where they are experiencing pushy pipeliners...

From my neighborhood
Where nice people are caught in a process
Where their money is burned
By Lawyers Asserting They own Nothing,
or Everything.

The judge won't care how much the poor landowners just had to cough up for taxes,
fuel, food and the necessary lawyer.

The Landowners, Vermonters,
Many with longevity here,
Have to fight
Canadian Fracking Gaz company
Calling themselves Vermont Gas
and professing fuel savings of gaz,
while telling ratepayers north of the border,
increases on the way.

From the digger:

One more video of the protest...

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