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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Special Ramble

A Special Midnight Ramble,
For Levon Helm's birthday
happened last night
in Woodstock, N.Y.

We will never forget last night. Levon Helm's people threw him one incredible
concert tribute. We felt so fortunate for buying the tickets and being there.

All day I wondered what I would write, how to describe the evening, the faces, the music,
the musicians, songs, the first Ramble without the man who made them
from his vision, his recall of late night shows of his youth, his molding it, modernizing it, making the Rambles my best nights on the planet.

Words really cannot express the feeling of each song, in honor of him, some of Levon's favorites,
some new, all quite special. Some introduced by his band members and family speaking a few words, 
then the music would start. All heads nodding to the beat, some singing or clapping along
in the barn that Levon built from only wood.

We put our hands together and clapped in applause all night long.
When I was not clapping, I put them together in prayer, hoping
for the best for each of Levon's families, friends band members and staff.
We are a grateful audience. mary

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  1. We miss him more each day and yet he is relieved of the strains of living on this painful,f*d up planet.His band Rambles


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