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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Link to a Tribute

Link to Video tribute to Levon Helm,
It is his birthday.
He is missed
while his music & influence
lives on
across generations

and supporting Amnesty International with a message of freedom
in His special way.

Fred found that The Duke, John Wayne's birthday is also today.
Fancy that,
Levon & the Duke


  1. Happy Birthday Levon. We will never forget your 68th birthday, our first Midnight Ramble. We were blessed to have been to your living room studio and experienced your extraordinary spirit. Rest in peace, mary & fred p.s. happy birthdy to the Duke, What a Man. I worked with a man who played in a club and met him. I am in awe at even that close of an encounter.m

  2. Last night we celebrated Levon's birthday with his family & friends. It was a special Ramble indeed. Will post More later after nap.mary


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