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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reality vs. The other Reality

This week, NCIS & NCIS-LA had their final season's episodes.
These are the 2TV shows we regularly watch.
Both shows have similarly intense suspense, complicated plot, story,
characters, cool gadgets, cars, guns, places,action.
We watch again to see what we might have missed.
This week, a shock to me, Ducky looks dead, and we hope he is not.
Callen looks like life in jail, and then all the rest we worry about,
attached to each character, Ziva, Heddy, Gibbs, LL and on and on,
they are all vital. We want them to be immortal, for us,
for our stability.
Following entertainment twitters,
 the characters
as themselves
giggling in a cab in cute dresses,
or posing in a photo booth,
not disarming some brutish terrorist psychopath
or solving an intensely impossible crime.
I wondered at how we look at a character as
the person who plays the character.
That shows what good actors they are.
There is another reality there,
that of fictional action heroes.
They truly are modern day cowboys fighting the bad guys
and what could be a better reality to occupy for an hour or 2?
Missing Levon esp. every Saturday night...


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