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Friday, April 6, 2012

Through his eyes

Rudy's Eyes.
I remember the pain I saw
reflected in Rudy's eyes.
He told me long ago
When we were close,
He lost his wife Kit,
My Mother in Law
I never knew.
She took 20 aspirins a day
and had a stroke
and did not make it to 50.
He described her
gnarly joints,
pain and debility,
hope and perseverance,
raising 3 children
on the farm.
I treasure those rare second hand memories of my mother in law
via Rudy when we sat
by the woods
taking a break in between
loads of firewood.
He loved her so
and felt so powerless
as she slipped away,
this big strong man
he shared that with me,
and always with the story,
a tear formed
in Rudy's eyes.

I wrote this when Lisa Emrich challenged me in poetry month.
This poem about the sadness and challenges of rheumatoid arthritis.
I have cared for many people with stages mild to severe RA.
Then this memory came to me. Pain all around.
The good news is
Treatment is possible today not available mere decades ago.

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