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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Blustery weather outside, 50's.
Rain is imminent which we need so badly,
yet not too much please...
We wanted to get to the mowing and yet the cold wind
blew us back inside.
I am forging on with my novel even though last night
I literally wrote Chapter 9 while falling asleep.
There was an urgency in me getting back to Alice's part of the story.
She is the she-hero.
Ok, it might show in lack of polish or yet to be discovered typos,
fixed one when I read it.
rule # 128 borrowed from the painter,
there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.
Fictional character: Alice is hanging in there, a trooper, and discovering herself, her quirks,
her regrets. She is finally able to see a future for herself, and go in a new direction.

Great link to article from across the pond about Levon:

link to Marc Cohn 's song about Levon...sweet!

imus, chas & lou about levon...

i keep adding clips, bear with me!

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