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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Interview with a Clone Chapter 7

I am posting for Sunday and Monday. Taking a day off tomorrow so to speak.
We were disappointed that we got all the way to the beach and Levon [update 4.21.12 could not perform i re-read this today 4.21 and got mad at myself. started cutting and striking through. Now in the anger phase]
did not take long to get past denial...
we thought he could heal from any sprain, ache, he was one of those
tightly wound intense people, you never want to tangle with, he will win everytime.
[update#2 on 4.21.12, which is 3 weeks later, Levon has passed on and how sad it is. He rarely cancelled shows and had survived great adversity. The only good news is he did not suffer from the dwindles. As we drove away from the cancelled show, I knew Levon was the most disappointed that day. He lived to perform. He taylored his healthcare choices so he could perform. We are grateful passive listeners.mary]
he was 70 something and was going to do a rockin' headliner performance 3 weeks ago.
Still we found some very nice people and just the feel of the beach I needed to go on with this
story of Alice Karma. I took some nice photos and heard the sound and smell of the ocean.
We saw the sunrise, ate seafood and walked on the sand. Penny had given me a piece of black coral for
a going away gift. Within a week we were at the ocean. The blankets in our cozy room adorned with dark coral, surfboard picture on the wall. So it seemed like good timing, this trip we took.
A mini vacation. The hotel lady told us the concert was called off after the sound checks.
She said it in her dry New Hampshire way. I thought she was joking. She was not.
When we got home I researched the word disappointment.
I found this quote in several places...

"It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony.”

― Benjamin Britten
And I realized we were disappointed because his music means so much to us.
Disappointment does not come from casual desires.

Interview with a Clone
Chapter 7

By Mary E. Gerdt 2012 all rights reserved

The Recovery part 1

Dawn Fairweather felt lost in a fog of near drowning, being near death,

Nearly lured all the way down the long hallway towards the light.

Every time she opened her eyes, the light, too much, the faces, all staring,

The pain in her broken bones,

Unbearable. She could not scream, it hurt when she breathed, feeling her lungs wet and spongy, still coughing up the ocean.

She tried to shield her eyes and ears, her face, from the reality she felt.

Trying to hide like an ostrich. Her left arm was broken at the shoulder.

She was alive and though she was only 10 years old, she knew she would be hurting for some time to come.

When was it, when she realized there were consequences?

There was a future beyond today?

The paramedics and local volunteers worked through their protocols while on the radio
To a pediatrician in Nassau. A local woman had been the first to arrive when she heard Alice’s screams. She stayed holding Dawn until help arrived. Then she was shooed away. Dawn looked for her now, as these strange people touched her with rubber gloved hands and a frightened gawking look. Dawn looked awful. Bruised and bloated, bent in the wrong places.

Alice ran back to the house and brought help. Now Alice stood back, wanting to get involved and yet frightened at the sight.

Georgia felt comfortable with chaos, pain and emergencies. She had her doctor bag and drew up some morphine. Georgia beckoned to Alice to hold Dawn’s good right hand. Alice complied. Georgia checked vital signs, started an IV and began fluids. She started with a few milligrams of morphine to start. The girl was shaking from pain and hypothermia. Georgia tried to immobilize the girl’s shoulder and arm and her legs, then covered her. They carefully loaded her onto the stretcher and she got more morphine. Then into the helicopter life flight to Nassau.

Alice and Georgia went with Dawn to the hospital. Dawn would not let go of either of them. Susan would have to go home to tend the experiments. She knew Georgia could handle this and that Alice would be OK with Georgia.
Susan saw Gigi Fairweather at a distance, just by the way she carried herself.

By now, Gigi knew that her brother’s daughter Dawn had been found, was awake, alert and being transported to see a pediatric trauma surgeon on Nassau. Dawn fell off the boat her Aunt Gigi had hired for a snorkeling vacation treasure hunting. Dawn could not swim and hit some rock before being pulled under in a rip tide. She then washed up on shore at Alice's feet.

Susan and Gigi embraced briefly, coolly. They had not seen each other since military academy.

“She is alive,” Susan said with a rarely expressed compassion.

Gigi blurted out, “It is all my fault, all my fault…“she poured out.

“No.” Susan uttered, "you do not need to go blaming anyone."

Susan continued, “She is alive. Alice spoke with her, Georgia and Alice are with her. They left for Nassau a half hour ago. Come, Gigi, come in and we will have a drink. There is nothing more we can do at this moment.”

Dawn and Alice’s eyes became fixed together. Dawn felt her pain melt a little with the morphine. The pain got a little more distant, she squeezed Alice’s trembling scared cold hand.

Georgia was phoning vital signs to the doctor via radio and shining lights into Dawn’s pupils, asking her questions, Where are you? Who are you? Alice laughed a little inappropriately.

Georgia, serious and solemn, worried, and now a little irritated at Alice, who ruined Katie’s birthday party.

“What are you laughing at, young lady?”

Oh no, Alice thought, she knew that tone…

Alice shook her head no, it meant “nothing…”

The doctor ashore seemed relieved for the moment.
Georgia in turn breathed a sigh of relief. They were 10 minutes to Nassau and the surgeon was standing by. The Anesthesia doctor was there. Nurses ready.

Dawn was alert and was alive and breathing.

Georgia asked Alice, “How did you find this, this girl?”

“Dawn”, Dawn said, feeling the need to defend her new found friend.

Alice said meekly, “I was running away from home.” She hung her head down

And was ready for punishment.

Georgia puzzled, asked Dawn what she was doing there.

Dawn replied, “I do not remember.” and passed out cold.

Alice screeched a little but choked it back as quickly as it started. She squeezed Dawn’s little hand and prayed silently, like the old lady did on the beach, the one who heard her screaming when she found Dawn and the old lady said, “go for help, Alice, I will pray for her.”

Georgia checked Dawn’s pulse and it was thready but present and she was breathing shallowly.

“She is OK.” Georgia said to a worried Alice.

“She will be OK. Rub her good arm gently." Alice complied, soothingly.

Gigi dialed the phone to her brother, Dawn’s father.

“There has been an accident. Dawn is OK but a little banged up….”

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