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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Darkness in the Light

Have a Blessed Easter wherever you are on or off the planet.
My memories of Easter are mental snaphots and video clips of Mom putting a new dress on me,
me feeling awkward and flat footed, standing lined up with my brothers for pictures
with my new dress and shoes on.
Easter candy and great foods awaited my completion of church attendance.
The images in the church, confusing.
A handsome, friendly looking serene man hanging on a cross
He died for our sins
Who is He?

Even now, curious about how He really died, the nurse in me looked for the answers.
I found this Link to
A doctor's account of the crucifixion experience and progression of death.
How much more suffering could one human impose on another?

when i saw the expensive chocolate cross in the aisle at w-mart,
it jogged me,
Jogged again,
that was the guy pushing me from behind
in a hurry for Easter.

then the kid
i helped him bag the groceries and he thanked me
i told him i sensed people were a little cranky today
and that tomorrow they would all be praying for atonement.
he laughed for a second.
i happened on this article
which helps me clarify how
He died for our sins


  1. Happy Easter to you as well!

    The "He died for our sins" thing has never made sense to me. Death is part of life, right? I hear the dogma but don't feel it.

    Yet I believe in something greater than ourselves and that it will be okay in the end. Or, we'll make good compost one day. =)

  2. Thanks Sherry for taking it all one more permutation :) Have a great week, mary

  3. Remember searching for eggs many times in the snow, being young back home.

    Now my son is young and it has been years since last I saw snow. Easter over here next week.

    Please have a good new week ahead.


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