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Friday, September 16, 2011

The World's Fair

The World's Fair,
in Tunbridge, Vermont
is open this year

by the determination
of the people there.

If you are anywhere near Vermont, come to the fair
and show your support.

This is the best country fair I have ever seen.
Old tractors, livestock, foods, produce judging,
and personally my special memory of meeting Fred Tuttle there,
The Man with a Plan.

Tunbridge is a special fair,
a World's fair.


  1. This year I was able to go to our Minnesota state fair it lasts for 14 day's, not many came this year a little over one million people. It's a great place if you enjoy watching people, for me it's the fair food I go for 90% of it you get it on a stick. The 4H finals are fun to watch the kids work so hard. We fondly call it the Great Minnesota get together. Hope you had fun at your's. Have a good weekend! Mary K.

  2. Nice comments, Mary. Thanks for stopping by. A million? Wow! I love the little kids with shirt and ties dragging their animal projects. Have a great weekend! mary


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