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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 499

The 499th Post.

I never thought I would get to this one.
It is with the inspiration of fellow bloggers
like Herrad (accessdeniedlivingwithMS)
or Judy (Peacebewithyou)
or Sherry (demyelinationofme)
or Marc (Wheelchair kamikaze),
or Robert (DailyAthens)
or Lisa (carnival of MS bloggers/brassandivory)
plus "down under" Che (feeling stressed about not posting their links here. Just look in my margin for who I follow regularly)
and many many more.......
These bloggers led me to others and to other cultures, street photos, videos, music.
They also showed me how regular posting of random thoughts, photos,
can lead to a kind of personal freedom.
It feels like I travel now,
something I never really had but also felt was lost.

Sharing ideas, images, feelings is a goal.
I also wanted to brighten someone's day.
An old man in an apartment told me,
"I never see the sunset anymore",
when I asked him what he missed about being down on the farm.
It really hit home.
I cannot change his reality.
I can post a photo and hope someone can find a pleasant moment there.
This post was going to be about my life 30 years ago before we lost
Katie and Suzie.
Those days, no internet, no cell phones, not many photos.
Our memory banks are limited in our little fragile brains.
Some memories are best left wherever they were made.
My 500th post will be about Katie and Suzie, my support group of 30 years ago.
Today, my post is about my worldwide circle of friends,
I thank them I got to my
Thanks to the stars of my blogosphere universe.


  1. hi mary,
    a lovely post, you are right knowing people round the world makes it feel like we are travelling, which is wonderful.
    we inspire each other which is good.

  2. 499...amazing Mary! I am up to is such a healing practice, don't you think?
    "It feels like I travel now,
    something I never really had but also felt was lost." I understand this so is much the same for me. How fortunate we are to have the internet, to truly know that none of us or on this journey alone.

    blessings upon you this day and always.

  3. Thank you so much, Mary, for the nod. You have included me in in such awesome company that the diameter of my head might just double.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to add that my life is enriched by reading about Vermont and your life there. Thanks!

  5. You all are the best! Have a great week! Mary

  6. Concratulations upon this achievement. It is indeed as if traveling the world, obtaining a glimpse of yours; am grateful. Please have you all a kind Thursday.

  7. Tardy (was on a computer that I could read yr posts but alas could not post myself) but hearfelt congrat's Mary - so humbled and chuffed to be mentioned along the way :DD

    Agree, how fab indeed it is to be able to travel the blogosphere and drop in on you in beautiful Vermont.

    much cheer

  8. I feel like you all are my agents and by sharing our lives, we gain so many insights into other parts of the world. Not such a scary place after all.mary


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