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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swallows are on their way

Most all of our resident Swallows
left last Wednesday or I believe official date should be
Thursday August 25, 2011 (a few stragglers remained one more day).
But either way, they left 3-4days before Irene hit.
They are headed for South America.
I used to think Florida, but Fred did some research.
We hope they did OK with the storm and found some shelter.
They were the healthiest swallows we have seen.
Plump and good broods. My theory is that with
the sparse bat population, the swallows have more food.
I had intended on writing about the swallows leaving
before Irene hit.
So this is my post,
simple as it may be,
it is a tribute to the swallows, who brave long journeys,
suffering adverse conditions
and then they will fly back and keep our backyard bugs under control.
wish them a safe journey...mary

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