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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Leaves

The Leaves are already changing,
the trees a little stressed out,
like we are
from blizzard to flood to beautiful summer "slot" &
back to floods

The leaves change colors
and remind us of what is to come,
like paying the tax bill,
like memories,
that come every fall.

The leaves
they too will fall,
we know that
and yet we really need to
gaze at them
and enjoy their color,
before they are gone.

The leaves,
they tell us,
it could be worse,
at least


  1. A beautiful poem and photo. I love autumn and the changing leaves.

  2. Thanks Karen! I confess, the leaves photo is a few years old, still I never tire of seeing the magic colors. P.S. Vermont needs tourists for income this fall and flood donations, no gawkers-avoid all damaged areas. VT.Gov has updates where travel is OK.Have a great day! mary


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