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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We had an unexpected nor-easter day before yesterday. We got about 8 inches and and still getting
snow showering and blowing around. Light, fluffy stuff this time so much more tolerable.
I got home early after getting my 20 pounds of remnant fleece at the mysterious fedex ground site.
I trudged through the snow to get the recycling barrel which we call the refrigerator, because it is about the size of one. I loaded the garbage barrel inside it and dragged it up the hill.
The fresh air was nice. About 20 degrees F.
I proceeded to shovel a bit and pretended I was doing wii downhill skiing.
The sun set early about 4:30 and I realized it would be even earlier for a few more weeks.
Heading back to the house I saw a weird path, like I had shoveled a pathway to the front of the house.
I didn't shovel that.
Then I remembered. The recycling bin had carved a perfect path in the fluffy snow.
The cats will appreciate that, I thought,
then went in and got warmed by the fire.

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