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Thursday, December 9, 2010

From the Archives

I started blogging on the old aol site until they closed down.
This picture of our classic barn cat Napoleon
appeared in the First Edition of the Travelogue.
I found blogging started out as being a place to unload
my personal views, frustrations, hopefully some
wisdom or empathy for another's plight. For what hurts me hurts you too.
I connected with some other bloggers who also have MS
and in that respect, a virtual support group with infinite
acceptance from my worldwide friends who comment and
read my rants and dreams and enjoy a random photo of
a cat we found when a little ball of fur out by the barn.
The first night I went out because he was crying. I reached to rescue him and
he hissed and bit at me.
"Forget you!" I said.
The next day he was crying. Fred went out
and picked up the hungry little orphan who by now
relented to human contact.
That is how we got that little scrapper who beat up kittens twice his size.
At one time I might have jotted this down in a notebook.
But these days we can ping this message around the world
and perhaps people reading this later, will enjoy,
these random trains of thoughts and images
and perhaps they will understand
why we blog.

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