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Monday, September 6, 2010

Take a look out over the kitchen sink

Take a trip with our country neighbors...

oh that relish looks yummy and hope for the donkey's deliverance into his proper care and love.
i would judge a person by how much they love a donkey, wouldn't that be an easy indicator.



  1. Oh that brings back a son and I walking at what was called White House Ranch (it's been renamed but we stubbornly call it WHR)by Garden of the Gods and they have a living history type of farm. Anyway, a donkey was hanging his head over the fence. My son was young (about 13 or so) and he ran to pet it. The donkey purposely threw snot at him and my son was shocked!!!

    We laughed afterwards. I told him the donkey was "being a donkey" so it was okay. LOL.

    I am craving...canned stuff. Yikes.

  2. Thanks for the sweet story. I am sore and tired but love those jars of preservative free home grown foods.mary


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