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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunflower Parade

I can never feel as creative as a sunflower. How do they decide what color they will be this year?

How tall they must feel

date is wrong-really today. camera acts weird sometimes.

did that sunflower eat that building?

and our precious sweet corn.

I wanted to photograph the crisp blue sky-that rare September taste of cold.
Better not to edit the colors. You cannot make that bluer.
Got about a bushel of butter and sugar corn.
Next is silver queen we hope...


  1. Your awe about a sunflower is one I feel about nature in general.

  2. Thanks Judy, I agree totally.
    Thanks Kathy, for this kind comment:I had to write and say how absolutely beautiful those pictures were. Were they actually taken close to your house? That was, words and pictures together, just a lovely thanks!


    from me: This is our back yard. I saw the sky that day. No airplanes, no clouds, blue as it gets in Vermont. We ducked a frost this full moon but next one will gets these wonderful plants.mary


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