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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last week's work.

last week we canned green beans variety Valentine.
25 quarts.

Jasper Sean feeling left out.

Zinnia and butterfly from 2007.

Now out to the garden.


  1. I can't believe at lunch my son and I were talking about how I used to can veggies and there you are with a photo of canned green beans. I miss those days and remember how much work it was!

    The best thing I remember was canning cream corn. YES....corn! It would carmelize in the pressure canner (I did that on purpose, lol) and OMG it was so sweet....! Of course it was slightly brown but it tasted like heaven.

    Captain's looking good. =)

  2. Thanks friends, We put all our energy into this and so worth it. No preservatives and lately food on the shelf appreciates in value.
    Now I want to do creamed corn. Thanks for the suggestion. Raccoons got the first ears even though they have acres on the other side of the road. Guess it must have been sweeter. The black cat is Jasper Sean. He is 12 and now Captain's little buddy. We call them our Hell hounds, protectors from evil. Back to the garden to pick beets.Mary


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