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Monday, April 3, 2017

Trans Addison County, Vermont #fracking Gas Pipeline ⛽️ Update

F omnLisa:

I just checked with Vt Supreme Court Clerk’s office. The oral argument WILL BE LIVESTREAMED tomorrow morning, April 4, to the PAVILION AUDITORIUM at 9 AM.. The oral argument will take place starting promptly at 9:00 a.m. It is scheduled to last 30 minutes.  There might be a few seats available in the courtroom, first come,first-served.



1) On Tues, April 4th, the Supreme Court appeal regarding the easement through Geprags Park in Hinesburg will be heard.  The hearings will start at 9 a.m., at the court (109 State Street).   There is only very limited seating inside - apparently only for parties/attorneys.  But there will apparently be a closed circuit TV display in an adjacent space, most likely the Pavilion.  In any case, we need to make SURE that it is obvious to the media and to everyone involved, that there is very strong public opposition to this pipeline, with strong showing even if  it is outside the courtroom.  


2) Then on Wed., April 5th at 6 pm, at Holly Hall (1 South Street) in Bristol:  The Public Service Board will hold a public information and hearing about the “incident” in Monkton wherein VGS contractors “accidentally” mowed down a patch of endangered Harsh Sunflowers.  VGS was fined a pittance for violation of the Agency of Natural Resources permit.  Now the board is to decide if there should be additional fines due to violation also of the CPG requirements which had specifics about treatment of Harsh Sunflowers. We asked for this public hearing, so let’s definitely be there!


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