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Thursday, April 13, 2017

#Fracking Fighters Foiled by Foolish Fueliers

The pipeline flows,

Alberta Canada 
to Hinesburg 
Then Monkton 
Then Middlebury

Better get used to this new source
Of so called natural gas, or Gaz, north of the border
Where this all came to pass.
The Ratepayers will be billed for this
This Lamd Grab,
Lickety split.

A friend sent these press links 

Sad Day.

It was.
At the end 
Some photos of life before a high pressure fracked Gaz pipeline bored through our towns,
Taking property,
Butternut trees,
Rare native sunflowers.

Vermont Gas completes 41-mile expansion, begins serving customers in Middlebury
Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Gas announced today that it has completed its 41-mile Addison Natural Gas Project and is now serving ...
Full Coverage

Vermont Gas: Addison Natural Gas Project Complete
Middlebury, Vt. - Vermont Gas announced on Wednesday that it has finished the 41 mile Addison Natural Gas Project and can folks in Middlebury can ...

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