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Tuesday, April 18, 2017



The weather drew me out into the yard,
The frost was gone.
My body, searching for the sun,
Found special morning weather,
Sun ☀️ 
Low wind πŸ’¨ 
The mud drying enough to get into flower 🌺 beds,
To lightly prune the lilacs, that are just emerging.
Daffodils just coming up,
Rhubarb, chives, bleeding heart and more,
Like a Little light fussing.
I paused to lean on my hoe and breathe the fresh spring air.

It was so hard to get in gear,
To get this far,
To break down a day's work
Into bite size pieces like today,
A gratifying day nevertheless.

The idea I thought of (with Mom's teachings)
was that as I touched the ground directly,
I was Grounding my energies,
My Chi.

That's what I thought of today.

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