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Monday, January 4, 2016

Rare Salamanders, Swampland, and Gaz. What's the environment got to do with it?

This may seem like diverse subjects.

Bear with me.
There is a sort of theme here.
I am anti-pipeline in Addison County, Vermont, USA
I am part of a group that is anti pipeline.
We own a piece of swamp.
Like a lightbulb, my thoughts illuminated.
If you mess with one part of the swamp, it's all connected,
you mess with the whole swamp.
So the first section is a little correspondence I exchanged with the town fathers.
What follows is more about reasons we are anti pipeline, and ways you can get involved.
I had hopes of posting all the recent press releases, and it became overwhelming.
This took precedent,
So much of the legal motions are expensive distractions.
Citizens suffer.

Me: On 12/14/2015 6:03 AM, Mary E. Gerdt wrote the town:
I read the minutes.
What parcel is the Nature Conservancy conveying?

Costs, impact on town?
Did you discuss?

I am also concerned we may not have been notified officially about the proposed pipeline impact on our swamp lot.

Mary Gerdt

P.s. while I don't expect to see my name mentioned as "public comment",
I don't appreciate being ignored or not counted.

Mary Gerdt

Them: I don't know of any swamp lot owned by you that would be affected by the Vermont Gas pipeline. The 10.3 acre parcel you own on the south side of Rotax Road is some 2200 feet from the proposed Vermont Gas pipeline which is on the far side of the Latrielle property from your parcel. If you believe that your parcel will be affected by the Vermont Gas pipeline, you should contact Vermont Gas.

Thank you for your interest.



-- Stephen Pilcher
Selectboard Chair
Town of Monkton, VT
(M) 802.598-1931
"All the world is my teacher"

Notice - Under Vermont's Open Records law, all e-mail and e-mail attachments received or prepared for use in matters concerning Town business or containing information relating to Town business are likely to be regarded as public records which may be inspected by any person upon request, unless otherwise made confidential by law.


News About Vermont Gas Pipeline Project

Many of you might be wondering what's up with the pipeline project Vermont Gas has been planning for the last three years. Although Michels Corporation, the latest pipeline contractor VGS has hired to build this project has been installing pipeline under Route 116 north of Hinesburg at the Rocky Ridge Golf Course, the Certificate of Public Good (CPG) from the VT Public Service Board that VGS needs in order to finish this project, is still in jeopardy and VGS is doing so at their own risk. It may end up being a pipeline to nowhere.
I am attaching a video made by Ivor Hughes, a Monkton resident, who is among many who are concerned about the Monkton area where VGS plans to HDD under in order to avoid having to trench it through the sensitive wetlands. (if they retain their CPG)
You may have heard that VGS has agreed to reroute the pipeline around our farm. We believe this change of heart by VGS is not only because of our own resistance, (although we would love to believe they are finally taking no for an answer, they obviously are not doing so with other landowners and are in the process of condemning their land) but more because of an order from the PSB they would have had to HDD under our entire property which was included in the Board's order of December 2013. Now, with the bad experiences VGS has had wth HDD in the first section of pipe, it would seem that the new contractor has instructed VGS to find other ways through areas that have previously required HDD in order to save money and time. What will happen at the Monkton Swamp?
Many of you may have seen a group of people blockading a driveway on the Monkton Road near the end of Pond Road last Wednesday. A bunch of concerned citizens disrupted the first hearing the PSB held to condemn the Peysers land so VGS can build their pipeline (all this without having permission to finish the project!) We then prevented a site visit from happening by blocking the PSB and DPS access to the Peyser's land.
It has come to this folks. Time to put our bodies on the line and fight for what is right.
For more information about the hearing disruption, go to
There is much you can do even if you don't want to put your body on the line. You can sign a letter to the governor here:
You can donate money to Rising Tide or 350VT. But for heaven's SOMETHING!!! It's time.

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