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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bad Vibrations

When I moved to Vermont 35 years ago,
it was the Green Mountains that drew me in,
anchored me,
gave me a direction.

Before you know it,
They want to Pave Paradise,
And Put up a Parking Lot
For Wind Turbines, and
Solar Fields of Mirrors surrounded by chain link fencing.

The Vermont Public Service board, PSB, "They" say, go ahead,
put ugliness everywhere, wind mills along the spine of the green mountains of Vermont.The ugly wind mills cause health problems, property depreciation, dead birds.
The same handful of PSB deciders decided the now $150+ million fracking pipeline
 was good for Vemonters who will pay for it.
(the original purpose was for the pipeline to go to New York, under Lake Champlain. The paper mill decided costs were to great. Funny, many of us citizens opposed, spoke out. We were not counted)


An Article by the Governor...

My comment:
The Governor is a scattered thinker, unfortunately. He talks about his farm, his burning brush, as if it is as natural as the driven snow. Addison County has burning police for that outlawed activity. He talks about renewables, fossils, coal, wind. He effectively killed nuclear, our reliable little plant that cushioned our electricity needs, oh, and it’s by his little brush his friends. Now, his other friends, Canadians, want Vermont as their own little money tree that could. Like a fairy, a Canadian monopoly was born. Each company slyly maintaining their own name. Green mountain power, Vermont Gas. The fairy pointed to the lake, mountain and valleys. Poof. Windmills on the spine of the green mountains, Valleys: Solar mirror fields,Gas pipelines the length of the state, and a big power line running the length of Lake Champlain. While the brush fire smoke blows out to sea. The Governor is proud, Landowners broke, forlorn, robbed, tourists Photoshop the windmills out…how it used to look. As I struggle to pay ever rising taxes on our fallow farm so the town won’t sell it for taxes, I am compelled to tell the future to my grandchildren. The Bad Vibrations started in 2016 or so. They drove people mad, or sick. They drove people out. Oil prices dropped like a stone but we were forced to buy outlawed fracked gas from carpetbaggers. Oh, and with divestment, I lost my state disability, retirement pension. Off to the cinder block high rise. That’s how Grandma and Grandpa lost the farm.

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