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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Alternative Therapies...

The Pain,


Begs for an alternative,

To #Pharma

Hey, Pharma isn't all bad,
It has got me out of a lot of jams and presently keeps
me moving forward.
Pharma Plus Dedicated Doctors
Create winning medications, combinations,
Always trying to minimize side effects, I hope.
If you think it's easy or profitable for Doctors to write prescriptions, then you don't know 90% of Doctors.
It's just more paperwork.
Patients often seek out a solution to their ailment (or they wouldn't pay the copay to visit).
Don't figure all pharma is responsible for all the bad in healthcare.
At the same time, do accept there may be alternative therapies, ointments, poultices, tinctures, elixirs, topicals, ingested, teas, and on and on.

As the Vermont legislative year began, the politicians were hot and cold on the alternative ancient healing herb, Cannabis.
Sounds like the cold ones have never been on
 "The Rack" of MS Pain.
Sounds like they aren't going to ask me what I think.
So, here goes a little statement into the blogosphere (it was also sent to the ms society-no response...I asked my bc case manager and she said medical director doesn't believe in it...there are at least 50 different sets of laws and standards, diagnoses eligible, licenses, blah, blah) :

I don't understand your position on Cannabis. There is plenty of research.
 Please help medical users gain legalization in all states. Decision between Doctor and patient. Often as a last resort. The pain is excruciating, spasms debilitating, depression heavy. Please help. Natural products, effective, as old as civilization itself.

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