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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Knight Salve #4

Knight Salve #4

I cannot tell you how long this path has been, this path of pain.
When the pain is there, it's sharp, stabbing, distracting, impossible.
Petrolatum was the medical recommendation, to heal my tattered skin.
It only lasted so long and I was looking for my own formula.
My husband found this website where he ordered me kefir grains:

There is a wealth of information on their website.
I am sharing my latest projects and encourage you to try some of these.
Knight Salve originated with me writing a screenplay about a knight who is wounded and nursed to health by his future wife. The knight played by Glenn Hughes, his real life wife plays the healer woman to be his wife.
No I haven't written it yet, just ideas for the movie score...(meanwhile enjoy the you tube links :<)

Sorry, this one I posted this morning doesn't work in the US.
It is beautiful....

Now for Salve and Soap talk.

My first project Fred got me Kefir grains from I have been cultivating Kefir, mixing with yogurt for broad spectrum probiotics. Then I got into making salve and soap. 
4th version "Knight Salve" No I didn't measure. Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Emulsifying wax (helps bind-blend water and oil soluble ingredients) Tincture of frankincense Tincture of myrrh Makula honey (medi-honey) Gently heat stirring constantly over double boiler until all melted. Pour into jars. 
Soap: Cultures For Health has melt and pour soaps and molds. I made hemp oil soap with lavender essential oils And goat's milk soap with relaxation essential oils. They also have a shampoo base that I put lavender essential oils into. The cartoon describes the pain and recovery through use of frankincense and myrrh. I believe the gold of biblical times is honey. 

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