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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


**warning if none if this makes sense to you,
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Was trying to post all of my comments
2 didn't make it so far of mine.
I think because it has my blog post link.
Well, here is the blog link
to the letter addison independent refused to publish:

That was in 2010!

this is the latest 2015

Link to original article from addison independent:

For the record,
all the comments:

Plato, justice and perfecting the soul

Mary Gerdt
Mary Gerdt  Say what?  5 hours ago Pending
Ah, you are Ms. Nomer using a new alias. You are awfully judgmental. Here is my original letter that this newspaper chose not to publish. You don't know me, Ms. What. Don't judge me. Take off your veil.http://traveloguefortheunivers...
Mary Gerdt
Mary Gerdt  Say what?  3 days ago
Dear Say What. You may also be highly educated one, Ms. Nomer. What I wrote is from deep down in my soul. To be frank, I had to suck it up in 2007 when Monkton, Vermont put my property up for sale, this newspaper published it and I was never notified which is my Constitutional Right. They told my husband in a malicious timeline that that state couldn't care less about. The Statewide property tax system is crippling people like many of us. Consider what I write as good, bad, atrocious. Say What, you are insignificant to me. Yet you spike me with a nasty, Snark! I believe you are an educator.
Mary Gerdt
Mary Gerdt  Say what?  17 days ago Pending
Say Huh? Opinion is all mine. You disagree. You sound like Ms. Nomer. I Do reread and alas my editor had the week off leaf peeping. Or is it LeafPeeping? I have a dyslexic condition where, yes, I made a mistake. It is Bruce Cunningham of Hinesburg. Here is a link to the facts 
Say What, get off my case, please. Snarky? Sounds exactly like Ms. Nomer. Take the cape off. Play nice.
Mary Gerdt
Mary Gerdt  18 days ago
Odd facts to think on. Would Plato approve of philosophy taught to the masses when only this first article is available to cash strapped readers like myself and subsequent articles cost $$? I responded back when you wrote the Plato article. My property was up for sale 9 months past due taxes. The town only told my husband. It was wrong, mean, certainly Injust. This paper didn't publish my letter back then. I want Plato to be a woman, in 2015, and she finds out what the Town did to her. I hope she would do as I have, reign in my emotional angst, hate even. Then she would write her heart out. Then she would sit in her chair, body hurting from MS. She just cashed in some of her retirement to pay the property taxes. No vacation for disability retirement. Next April taxes will be due on the dispersement, we will pay the taxes. They won't catch me late again. They are doing another town plan, (it's required, you know). If they find some more worthy living creatures, they will try and downzone me. I am ready, pen in hand. Let's bring Plato and Socrates back as women, 2015 AD. And they don't have $6,000 to pay the revenue agents.

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