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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#Fracking Poetry


Fracking is a dirty word,

it's a poison in the ground 
injected in and out comes brown,
the water drained from the aquifer,
rinses the sins, river murdered.

they mocked us girls,
such delicate vulnerable pearls,
armed only with words,
photos, friends and nerds (desperate for a rhyme).

it's a dirty word, alright,
it causes quite a fright,
when those pipelines blow,
nothing left but a big ol' hole.

some guy said tar sands are good and clean,
they strip the ground, it must be seen ,
you won't believe the fracking mess,
no, it's not fracking, maybe second best,
of all the ways to spoil the Earth.

frickin' fracking,
tar sands lacking,
common sense,
not on the fence,
stop it now,
but how?

notes:posted late last night for this morning,
no editing, proofing, free and honest,
in my mind, the tar sand fields, raped by the oil companies,
exempted from oil spill's just sand...
memories of my Uncle Cliff who lived right next to the refineries in Hartford, IL
He used to go up to Alberta and ride horses
he said when you are out in the cold, it was deceptive,
He had to massage his nose to move the blood around.
I do that here when it's real cold and the air is dry.

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