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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Late Night Radio from the High Desert

Late Night Radio....

We stumbled onto a John Batchelor podcast in the WABC app
Nothing else on,
I need the radio!
somehow at 4 am Saturday I clicked a few buttons
and we listened to the Friday night interview.
You can find it at WABC NY

My first tweet meant well but I modified it to this today...

Last but not least,
Art Bell's theme song, performed as only Crystal Gayle can...
Link from YT, wow...

my notes:
wanted to tell Mom all day,
She loved to hear about what Art Bell was covering.
Still thinking of Mom, while Mom is gone,
I will dedicate this to her, and Dad, together again.
Fred and I listened to many many shows, reruns, always great.
We look forward to tuning in again.

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