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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Proposed Gaz Pipeline Updates #fracking #Vermont

I really cannot post all the links our fellow gaz pipeline fighters share due to the volume and brain overload for me. I have to conserve energy, pick my priorities for the day. So I will summarize what I would call the most interesting to me. What is left over is equally scary. meg

First, a fundraiser.
Private citizens individually have had to fight for their own land.
Please help them:

a member shared this article and preface:

The Eagle
They should take their time so as not to make the same mistakes they did with VGS. There are some huge issues with this and the Cornwall swamp. Where does all the phosphorous go?


Now here is an opinion clip from the Times Argus...
pipeline costs too much!

Monkey business in Maine...(Ok so it's not just Vermont, Whew!)

A neighbor reports some quasi good news.

On April 6, 2015, VGS announced that it was filing for eminent domain on two properties in Monkton with the stated reason that the landowners had not responded to VGS' communications about acquiring easements across their land for the pipeline. So, VGS said - at least to the press - that it had no choice but to file for condemnation of the easements. Landowners asked what the big rush was since the Public Service Board was going to be considering whether to reopen the case, and a decision on whether to reopen the certificate of public good wouldn't be decided until July.

Tonight, the Monkton Select Board announced that the Public Service Board had issued orders in each of the cases on April 29th. The orders were essentially the same and each stated, in part:

"At this time, it is not know what the result of the proceedings on remand in Docket 7970 (Phase I of the pipeline) will be; the possible outcomes include that the Board could affirm, modify, or revoke the CPG that was issued in Docket 7970. Thus, we have taken the step of opening the Docket (for the eminent domain case) today in response to the condemnation petition filed by VGS, but we are simultaneously staying this Docket until such time as a final order has been issued in the remand proceedings that are now underway in Docket 7970."

In other words, the Board said that it would not review the eminent domain cases until a decision had been made on whether to reconsider Phase I of the pipeline.

Of course, it's fascinating that the press hasn't reported on this story at all so be sure to tell everyone you know that, at least temporarily, VGS has been stopped in its tracks!
Thank you neighbor!

all for now...meg

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