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Thursday, May 28, 2015

#Fracking #Gaz Updates

For the curious, the lovers of the natural environment,
the hills and valleys of Monkton, Vermont,
As precious as the dock where Bernie stood Tuesday.
Vermont is a natural resource.
More articles coming in...
so here goes.

opinion piece from the Burlington Free Press:

Eminent Domain land grab not successful in Kentucky:

Very strange one about the Gaz company blaming the prior owner? Hmm. From the Digger:

another opinion piece from Rutland Herald:

Last but not least, from the Digger,
AARP weighs in:

The Hogback Mountains of Monkton, Vermont
Appropriately named,
We love the way they look anytime.
Like Mom said,
Mountains remind you of where you are,
Tell you where you are,
a landmark,
exerting a  gravitational pull.

First we fight the pipeliners,
for property owner's rights,
for the environment.
Next we will fight the Don Quixote's of 2015.
The unnamed perps want to put windmills on the Hogbacks.
This is our view without giant hideous windmills.
Will we fight?
Oh, fight we will.

Addendum...late additions,
link to opinion piece in Burlington Free Press:

from seven days:

Please give what you can...

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