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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Guest Post from the Neighbors, Fellow #fracking Fighters

In case you wondered
What the proposed pipeline fuss is about,
Read my neighbor's pleas,
And help if you can.

Hi Neighbors,
If you have been following the saga of the Vermont Gas pipeline, you may 
have heard that coming up next month is the technical hearing before the
Vermont Public Service Board in Montpelier. The Board will decide 
whether or not to revoke or amend the certificate of public good they 
granted the project back in December of 2013. My husband Nate and I have 
been fighting within the 248 process for more than two years, and so we know 
enough to know that in June we really have a chance to convince the 
Board that this project does not make sense for Vermont. 
Environmentally, economically, and morally, it’s all wrong for this 
state and we believe that expert witnesses can demonstrate that to the 
Board in June. But now we need legal representation to do our argument 
justice — and that costs money. 
We have never asked for money before.  This campaign, which has become state-wide,
has been powered by amazingly energetic and talented volunteers for over two years.  
But now we need money to put this boondoggle of a project behind us once and
for all.  Please go to
and make a donation to the campaign.  You’ll see more info there, a 
couple of videos, and even perks to thank you for your donations.  Go to
the site today — we have a case to win!
Please also promote this campaign to your friends and contacts inside 
and outside of Vermont.  It’s a showdown with the fossil fuel industry, 
and the reverberations if we win will be huge for other communities around 
the country.  Small state; big implications. Thank you for helping to fight 
for a Vermont that is truly green!
Thank you!
Jane Palmer
Thank you, neighbors!
Our lives in a fragile balance.

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