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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Letter I found to others

I actually neglected my daily post.
Posting late,
This one in the queue...meg

My message to Fred Baser..Thanks again! Hello Fred Baser! I am a disabled RN  Who lives in Monkton,Vermont on our old farm. I have wanted to reach out to representatives about voting pro Scott Milne when the time comes. I have been very disappointed with Peter Shumlin. My salary at my state nurse job low, then frozen. Our health insurance premiums up 18%. I am now on SSDI and fixed pensions. Our farm taxes over $6k a year with income sensitivity. Shumlin effectively closed Yankee, let Canadians buy our gas  electric companies, keep the original names, then give away private property for a fracking gas . When Shumlin was in legislative role, he said up to towns to control school taxes. Then he tacks on a few cents as governor. Please help us who fight for property rights, lower taxes and have no insider status. I was also disappointed the gas people's land acquisition representatives were pushy towards elders and vulnerable adult landowners in Monkton,Vermont. The Governor's inattention to such threats by Canadian businesses is inexcusable. Thanks for your time and public service. Mary. my blog has more about property rights. Monkton nearly tried to sell my property for being 9 months late paying $8k taxes. Http://

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